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I'm the face behind the lens here at Ginger Wick Photography, where my passion for capturing the unique and heartwarming moments in the lives of our four-legged companions comes to life. With a deep love for dogs and a keen eye for artistic expression, I've made it my mission to freeze those precious and candid moments that make your furry friends truly special. Whether it's a playful pup's exuberant energy, the soulful gaze of a wise old hound, or the infectious joy of a dog and their human together, my camera is always ready to frame these timeless memories. As a dedicated dog lover and a skilled photographer, I'm committed to providing you with outstanding, heartwarming images that celebrate the beauty, personality, and charm of your canine companions.

Studio self-portrait of the photographer and her golden retriever in Parker, Colorado

Hi, I'm Ginger

We work together to find the perfect solution to showcase those memories. I take pride in delivering exceptional quality, from the moment of the shutter-press to the final product delivery. Over the past ten years I’ve sought out and partnered with the best professional printers and craftsmen to create gorgeous pieces of wall & table art that you and your family will treasure for generations.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that you and your furry friend are not just satisfied but genuinely happy. I am located in Parker, Colorado and would love to connect and create lasting memories together, one paw-printed frame at a time!

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