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All in the Details

This week was all about the details! Dog details, that is. 🐾 There are lots of super fun bits and pieces of dogs that are endearing, but my current fascination is with Queso’s wet fur. He’s our fifth golden, so I’m not new to soggy doggies, but there’s something different and special about his wet fur. There is SO much texture and some very cool patterns emerge when he’s damp, plus, his tail and feathers turn into little spirals. 😍 So we went swimming to get him good and soaked so I would have plenty of options to photograph. Well, it was actually more like wading since the creek isn’t very deep, but in some places it allows for a few full strokes before his feet touch the bottom. And he’s very happy to accommodate THIS kind of photographic adventure – cheerfully splashing around retrieving sticks and diving for rocks (naughty!!).

I ended up with quite a few images I liked and I had to turn to my “pack” to help me narrow the field. Do you have a group of trusted advisors? I highly recommend getting one – they are invaluable. They helped me remove my Mama Goggles and select an image that was more unique than the one I was considering.

“Curly Q’s”:

Wet golden retriever tail, Parker, Colorado

 The behind the scenes (BTS) look of how I created it:

Behind the Scenes (BTS) of a watery dog photography session in Parker, Colorado

THIS is the image that was calling to me. I love the color palette, and all those swirly curves in his fur make me swoon. 😍

Wet golden retriever head, Parker, Colorado

Partially submerged fur.

Wet golden retriever fur, Parker, Colorado

Another head shot.

3/4 view wet golden retriever head, Parker, Colorado

Same basic frame, with the focus shifted to his textured muzzle.

Wet golden retriever muzzle, Parker, Colorado

Queso enjoying himself - all four paws in the air.

Wet golden retriever running with a stick in his mouth, Parker, Colorado

A little more of an abstract image - his little ear sworl, taken from above looking down on him. 🥰

Wet golden retriever ear tuft, Parker, Colorado

Isn’t this crazy?? We’ve never had a golden who’s fur actually SPIRALS. Here, Queso’s letting his tail loose in the current.

Submerged golden retriever tail, with spirals, Parker, Colorado

I love these little pointed triangles that develop on his muzzle!

Wet golden retriever snout, Parker, Colorado

This was unintentional, but it made me laugh! Check out his pearly whites. I guess our daily dental routine is working. 😂

Golden retriever mouth, Parker, Colorado

So much wet. 💦

Wet golden retriever, Parker, Colorado

Naughty boy, diving for rocks. We’ve discussed that rocks are bad for him umpteen times!

Wet submerged golden retriever head, Parker, Colorado


Boopable snoot, Parker, Colorado

So much texture!

Wet golden retriever fur texture, Parker, Colorado

The water makes such cool patterns when it briefly clings and swings!

Wet golden retriever, Parker, Colorado

All that water has to go somewhere!

Wet golden retriever shaking, Parker, Colorado

Puppy dog eyes with a blep!

Wet golden retriever with puppy dog eyes, Parker, Colorado

Cute wet affection coming at ya!

Wet golden retriever swimming with a stick, Parker, Colorado

After the watery outing we went home, and I noticed the sunsetty glow in our backyard, so I couldn't resist photographing him again! 🩷

Wet golden retriever head at sunset, Parker, Colorado

Ginger Wick Photography is an award winning dog photographer specializing in creating beautiful custom artwork of dogs & their people. Based in Parker, CO serving the Denver area.





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