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Graduation George - With Puppy Dog Eyes

This image wasn’t really planned, so this will be a short post! 🤪 We co-hosted my oldest’s graduation party at a buddy’s home on Saturday. (BIG congrats Aiden – we’re so proud of you! 🎓👊🏻) They have three resident dogs and a visiting one, so a total of four subjects for me to follow around during the shingdig. 🤣 The big eye-ball/lens thing was a bit off-putting for one of the pooches, but the others seemed to like the attention. Or at least my snacks, tee-hee.

This is George, a four month old rescue puppy from Texas. He’s a mix of German shepherd, pit bull, and chow-chow – combining perfectly to make him into this gorgeous specimen of a dog. 😍 I mean, it looks like he meticulously applies eyeliner, and then those puppy dog eyes?? He can have whatever he wants! LOL.

“Graduation George”:

Mixed-breed puppy gazing up into the camera using a shallow depth of field

The behind the scenes (BTS) look of how I created it, which shows the reason why I always put my hair up during “formal” dog photography sessions.😅:

Behind the Scenes (BTS) of a dog photography session at a graduation party in Parker, Colorado

Additional (unedited) images from the session, featuring Poppy, George, Carly (age 16!), and Winter (age 13):

Filmstrip of (unedited) dog images in at a graduation party in Parker, Colorado

Ginger Wick Photography is an award winning dog photographer specializing in creating beautiful custom artwork of dogs & their people. Based in Parker, CO serving the Denver area.





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