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This week’s session was held in the heart of Castle Rock, Colorado, against the warm backdrop of the new library's rust-colored textures. In the spotlight was Eilah (pronounced eye-lah), an Australian Kelpie. Since you may not be familiar with the breed, Australian Kelpies are an underrated gem in the world of dogs. Originally bred for herding livestock, they're renowned for their intelligence, agility, and intense work ethic. Their keen gaze, like Eilah's, is a testament to their herding heritage—a focused stare that can command even the most stubborn of sheep.

My objective this week was symmetrical composition. It was very fortunate for me that Eilah's markings mirrored the task at hand. 😍 With Eilah perched atop a box, surrounded by the rich hues and textures of the library, the scene was set for a masterpiece. Yet, as any photographer knows, achieving perfection is no easy feat, especially with our four-legged friends. Even the most well-trained pups can have a mind of their own when faced with new experiences and surroundings. And the photographer can miss her mark too. 😉 Thankfully my photoshop skills are advanced enough that I can correct any perceived imperfections or misalignment. In the post-process, subtle adjustments were made to ensure Eilah's position was just right, enhancing the visual appeal without sacrificing authenticity. It's a delicate dance between capturing the essence of the moment and crafting an image that speaks to the soul.

“Eilah-ve Symmetry”:

Australian Kelpie centered in the frame with a direct gaze with a orange-rust colored background

The behind the scenes (BTS) look of how I created it:

Behind the Scenes (BTS) of a dog photography session at Castle Rock Library, in Castle Rock, Colorado

Additional (unedited) images from the session (does it still count as symmetry if your subject tilts their head? 🤣):

Filmstrip of (unedited) Australian Kelpie symmetrical images at Castle Rock Library, Castle Rock, Colorado

Ginger Wick Photography is an award winning dog photographer specializing in creating beautiful custom artwork of dogs & their people. Based in Parker, CO serving the Denver area.



Mar 12

Beautifully captured. Eilah is perfectly symmetrical ;)

Replying to

Thank you so much!! And yes, that was a happy coincidence. 🧡




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