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Because they are never"just a dog "

He isn’t just a dog… he's your confidant, your partner in crime, and your unwavering source of joy (and possibly frustration during those training years!) From your exciting adventures to your mundane routines, he's by your side, a constant presence in the narrative of your life.

I’m sure you have a treasure trove of memories captured on your phone - those candid moments of him curled up on the couch, frolicking in the backyard, or simply gazing at you with unwavering loyalty. I understand the significance of these fleeting moments, and they deserve more than digital obscurity. They deserve a place of honor - adorning the walls of your home as a testament to the bond you share.

Let me capture these memories and transform them into timeless works of art, creating visual legacies that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.

Mixed breed dog in urban RiNo Denver, Colorado with graffiti
Airedale terrier puppy sitting on a blue adirondack chair with puffy couds and sky in Parker, Colorado

Why Ginger



I don’t see your dogs as pets – I treat them as the cherished family members they are. Understanding the unique connection you share with your furry companion, I approach every session with love and empathy.


Your dog's comfort and happiness are my top priorities. Each session is tailored to accommodate your preferred activities, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend. With plenty of tasty treats on hand (unless there are food allergies), we'll keep spirits high and capture genuine moments of joy.

Papillion puppy jumping over a log in fall color in Fort Collins, Colorado


As a creative soul, I strive to capture images that pet parents can't quite get on their own. Through innovative angles, unique compositions, and a keen eye for detail, I bring a fresh perspective to every photo session. Whether it's capturing the mischievous sparkle in your dog's eyes or the tender moment of nose-to-nose snuggles, I aim to create images that truly resonate and evoke emotion. With my creativity, your furry friend's personality will shine through in every frame, creating timeless memories you'll cherish forever.


Patience is my virtue. With dogs anyway. Regardless of your dog's size or temperament, I am adept at photographing them all. Whether they're wiggly bundles of spazz-tastic energy or mellow couch potatoes, rest assured that your best friend can relax and be themselves during the session. Trust me, your dog can do this!

Belgian malinois and Australian kelpie sitting in front of Denver, Colorado's skyline at night
Disney's Lady and the Tramp recreation in Parker, Colorado


With over a decade of photography experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to each session. My Photoshop skills ensure that every image is polished to perfection in the virtual darkroom. My portfolio reflects my dedication to capturing the beauty and individuality of dogs through my lens, backed by a lifetime of experience loving and understanding dogs.


From custom tangible artwork to digital-focused collections, I offer a range of options to suit your preferences. Whether you choose to adorn your walls with stunning prints or cherish your memories digitally, I provide professional-grade products that celebrate your unique and beloved canine companion.

"photos" of your dog
Together, we will create the centerpiece of your home: exquisite custom artwork that fills you with warmth and happiness – just like your dog.
American cattle dog mix, aussie mix, and kelpie mix in a fall setting in Evergreen Colorado

Ginger is a fantastic photographer, which is an art in itself, but she also brings her amazing dog skills to the table! My dogs loved her, and because they were so comfortable with her, she got the best photos of them. I can't recommend her enough, you and your dogs will love her!

Djinn, Banner, & Falcon's mom

Flat coated border collie on the stairs in Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora, Colorado with the Adamski effect applied

Ginger is absolutely FANTASTIC to work with. She was amazing with my sometimes shy dog, to the point where I think Kite has a crush! I couldn’t be more thrilled for the images - they’re even better than I imagined, and I had some high expectations! Ginger is incredibly easy to communicate with, and we can’t wait to schedule another session.

Kite's mom

Studio self-portrait of photographer and her golden retriever in Parker, Colorado


"I appreciate your patience with everything. You take time to let the dogs check out the location, decompress, take breaks, work with what each dog is able to do. You are flexible and able to change your plan if things are not going as expected."

- Juliet & Eilah's mom

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